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25th February 2004

New Product Release - SL125 GPS Synchronised Lantern

Utilising latest advancements in GPS technology, Sealite Pty Ltd has developed an internal synchronisation system for the popular SL125 5 & 6 nautical mile range of LED lanterns. The SL125-GPS represents the next generation of marine lighting - as it is built within the unit, and requires no external wiring, aerial or operator intervention. If the lanterns are set to the same flash character, their flash rates will synchronise over an unlimited distance within a few minutes of operation. Full product details can be found on the SL125 section of the online catalogue.

Synchronisation is the preferred choice of sea pilots wishing to see a clear outline of a channel or entrance to a harbour surrounded by background lighting. It is the future for channel and entrance marking. A major advantage of the internal GPS based system is that the GPS is not limited by range or line-of-sight and the lantern maintains its IP68 water immersion rating. A number of Australian ports have already commenced conversion programs, and many are evaluating the new SL125-GPS against their requirements.


Sealite and Avlite Systems Exhibiting at All-Energy Show

2nd May 2016

Sealite Launches New Barrier Float

11th April 2016

Sealite Launches Innovative Mooring Solution

10th March 2016

Sealite Announces the Appointment of Global Engineering Manager

2nd March 2016

Sealite’s Long Range Marine Lanterns Now Achieve Over 90,000cd From A Single Tier

1st February 2016

Sealite Appoints New Global Inside Sales Representative

27th January 2016

Sealite Announces Business Development Manager for Asia

27th January 2016


15th December 2015

Visit Sealite at the International WorkBoat Show in New Orleans 1-3 December, 2015.

25th November 2015

NEW PRODUCT RELEASE - High Intensity LED Range Light

6th October 2015

Sealite Pty Ltd announces the appointment of the new Managing Director of Sealite United Kingdom Ltd

24th September 2015

NEW PRODUCT RELEASE: Introducing Sealite's Complete Lighthouse Solution - LED Light Source & Universal LED Controller

1st September 2015

Sealite & Avlite Systems join forces at Husum Wind 2015 to provide onshore & offshore Solutions - Booth #4D15

13th August 2015

Sealite Receives Planning Approval for New Headquarters

5th August 2015

SL-155 (6 - 13NM Marine Lantern) Series now Brighter and more Efficient

31st July 2015

Sealite welcomes Bogdan Paduraru, Systems Engineer at Sealite UK

9th July 2015

Sealite Buoys used in Development of World's Longest Floating Bridge

19th June 2015

Position Vacant - Managing Director & Inside Sales - UK

9th June 2015

Come and visit the Sealite USA team at the International Bridge Conference

5th May 2015

Photometric Testing

10th April 2015

NEW Sealite Technical Training - Now Available

5th March 2015


27th February 2015

NEW 2015 Sealite Product Catalogue

17th February 2015

Sealite ships 500,000th Navigational Aid

22nd January 2015

Sealite LED Sectored Port Entry Light Installed at Major Australian Port

16th January 2015

Season's Greetings

23rd December 2014

Sealite United Kingdom Ltd delivers large ocean buoys with AIS to Europe

18th December 2014

Trident-3000 Buoy Now Available with Hexagonal Aluminium Tower

28th November 2014

Meet Sealite representatives at Seatrade Middle East Maritime, 28-30 October 2014

26th September 2014

Sealite Welcomes Tim Dining, President of Sealite USA

16th September 2014

Positions Vacant - Sales Team Roles - North & East UK, USA

7th August 2014

Sealite Navigation Aids Light up Denmark’s Largest Offshore Wind Farm during Construction

22nd July 2014

NEW PRODUCT RELEASE - Sealite Launch New Products at IALA 2014

23rd June 2014

Sealite United Kingdom Provides Turn-Key Solution for Port of Tyne

13th June 2014

U.S. Coast Guard Install Sealite Regulatory Buoys at Eglin Air Force Base to Mark Marine Exclusion Zone, Florida USA

10th June 2014

NEW PRODUCT RELEASE - Sealite SL-C415 3-5NM+ Solar Marine Lantern

23rd April 2014

New Online Customer Satisfaction Survey

10th April 2014

Sealite’s Revolutionary LED Light Source Installed at Emery Point Lighthouse, Australia

1st April 2014

Sealite Delivers Additional Lighthouse Control Cubicles & LED Light Sources to Commissioners of Irish Lights

28th March 2014

NEW PRODUCT RELEASE - Sealite SL-07LB 1-4NM Stand Alone Marine Lantern

21st March 2014

Sealite Welcomes Victor Denis as BDM for Africa & the Iberian Peninsula

11th March 2014

Sealite Navigation Aids Installed at Major Wind Farm, United Kingdom

4th March 2014

Sealite Moves to Larger Facility in the UK

27th February 2014

Major European Port Selects Sealite Port Entry Light

14th February 2014

Sealite Launches New Website

30th January 2014

Sealite Marker Buoys Mark Emirates Palace Hotel in UAE

22nd January 2014

Season's Greetings

19th December 2013

PRODUCT UPDATE - GSM Monitoring & Control now available in the SL-C410 Solar Marine Lantern

6th December 2013

Meet Sealite representative at Gulf Marine 2013, 25-27 November

22nd November 2013

Sealite now manufacturing SLB1500 Buoys in the United Kingdom

31st October 2013

Sealite Nautilus-2200 and Poseidon-1750 Ocean Buoys deployed in one of the biggest ports in Europe

21st October 2013

Come and visit the Sealite Team at RenewableUK 2013 Conference

10th October 2013

NEW PRODUCT RELEASE - Sealite launches its High Precision LED Sector Light, up to 20NM visible range

12th September 2013

New Sealite Trident-2600 Ocean Buoys deployed in one of the main gateway ports in Europe

22nd August 2013

NEW PRODUCT RELEASE - Sealite launches New 2.6mtr diameter Ocean Buoy, manufactured in the UK

11th July 2013

Pelangi International Ltd Now Trading As Sealite United Kingdom Limited

9th July 2013

Sealite announces Nick Brothers, Managing Director, Pelangi International Ltd, UK

1st July 2013

NEW PRODUCT RELEASE - Sealite launches Type 3 AIS Monitoring and Control Solution

26th June 2013

Visit us at Seawork International 2013

7th June 2013

Sealite start production of SLB1250 Navigation Buoys in the United Kingdom

3rd June 2013

Bert Frame to deliver presentation at IALA Heritage Seminar - Preservation of Lighthouse Heritage, Greece

28th May 2013

Sealite Poseidon buoys marks artificial reef huts in Oman

16th May 2013

Sealite welcomes visit from Chittagong Port Authority, Bangladesh

10th May 2013

Sealite is first to deliver GPS Synchronised Solar Marine Lanterns in Guatemala

9th April 2013

Lighthouse conversion of new LED light source, Baily Lighthouse, Ireland

1st March 2013

Sealite Awarded Second Contract to Supply Solar Marine Lanterns, Suez Canal Authority, Egypt

22nd February 2013

Pelangi signs agreement with Trinity House to manufacture new high output LED light source

24th January 2013

Poseidon-1750 marks one of the biggest Ferris Wheels in the USA

14th January 2013

Seasons Greetings to all from Sealite

21st December 2012

GPS Flash Synchronisation Now a Standard Feature in Sealite SLC310 and SLC410 Solar Marine Lanterns

17th December 2012

Chris Newell and Bruce Holliday join Pelangi International Ltd

12th December 2012

Super Storm No Match For Sealite AtoN’s in Boston Harbor's Deepwater Port

19th November 2012

Sealite Increases Buoy Stock at Pelangi International Ltd, UK

5th October 2012

Sealite USA receives formal building approval for new US manufacturing facility

28th September 2012

Next Generation GSM Web Portal Goes Live

18th September 2012

Sealite Appoints New Business Development Manager for Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA)

16th August 2012

Sealite Acquires Pelangi International Ltd, United Kingdom

1st August 2012

Sealite Solar-Powered Area Lights Installed Along Wave Breakwater Structure at the Singapore International Cruise Terminal

23rd July 2012

Sealite Buoys & Lanterns – a Work of Art!

13th July 2012

Sealite Wins AUSTRALASIAN Aquaculture Award

3rd July 2012

NEW PRODUCT - USA Regulatory Style Marker Buoys

22nd June 2012

Next Generation SLC310 Solar Marine Lantern & SLC410 New Product Launch

15th May 2012

Sealite Launch Next Generation SL15 Solar Marine Lantern

9th May 2012

Visit Sealite at the Global Port & Marine Operations 8th International Harbour Masters Congress

30th April 2012

PRODUCT UPGRADE: GSM Monitoring & Control System

16th April 2012

Sealite Acquires New USA Site

20th February 2012

Newcastle Port Corporation Deploys Sealite Ocean Buoys for Coal Terminal Expansion

15th December 2011

Malaysian Government Deploys Sealite Nautilus-2200 Ocean Buoys in the South China Sea

5th December 2011

SealiteUSA to launch it's newest product - the BargeSafe BL2 2nm Solar Powered Barge Light at the International Workboat Show 2011 - New Orleans USA

1st November 2011

Sealite’s unique lighting solution leads the way in Fremantle Port

11th October 2011

Sealite’s products chosen again for their quality, reliability and ability to withstand the harshest marine environments

28th September 2011

Sealite’s polyethylene buoys reduce service costs - as PoMC’s first scheduled maintenance check proves

12th September 2011


5th September 2011


25th August 2011

Sealite awarded ‘Australian Marine Industry Best Export Performance - Large Exporter’

4th August 2011

Come and visit us at Marina’s 2011 Melbourne 20 - 22 June 2011

30th May 2011

Sealite's Euro Hub providing extra support in the EU

13th May 2011

NEW PRODUCT RELEASE: Atlantic-2600 Navigation Buoy

11th April 2011

Sealite's state-of-the-art manufacturing facility impresses visiting international Media

14th February 2011

Sealite’s buoys and lanterns assist with vessel safety in Seward, Alaska

4th February 2011

Sealite buoy range now in stock in USA

20th December 2010

USCG chooses Sealite LED marine lantern to light the Raspberry Island Lighthouse

26th November 2010

Sealite acquires the navigation aids business of its United States marine distributor

10th November 2010

Sealite’s production capabilities steadily increase allowing expeditious response to emergency situations

22nd October 2010

A comprehensive product demonstration ensures Essar Group chooses Sealite buoys

15th October 2010

New tooling factory expands Sealite’s capabilities and enhances design and engineering ingenuity

8th October 2010

Sealite Welcomes Visit from Mumbai Port Trust

23rd September 2010


17th September 2010

Sealite Support USCG Museum with Donation of Modern Style Lantern

3rd September 2010

Sealite’s Poseidon Ocean Buoys Aid in the Recovery of Sunken Korean Navy Vessel

20th August 2010

Sealite Shows Port Kembla the Bright Lights

6th August 2010

Sealite Acquires and Commissions Assets of Specialised Tooling Company

30th July 2010

Sealite’s Big Buoys Mark the Way at Dighi Port, India

23rd July 2010

Sealite Launch Re-Designed SL48 & SL96 LED Leading Lights

16th July 2010

Hola a todos! Sealite Product Catalogue & Specification Sheets Now Available in Spanish

9th July 2010

Sealite Expands Injection Moulding Capacity

25th June 2010

Sealite Launch Re-Designed SLB600 Marker Buoy

18th June 2010

New Sealite Catalogue Now Available!

11th June 2010

Meet Sealite Representatives at Seawork International 2010, UK

4th June 2010

200 x SLC600 AIS Enabled Lanterns Increase Safety in Lake Maracaibo

31st May 2010

Sealite will be Exhibiting at Commercial Marine Expo 2010, Massachusetts, USA

28th May 2010

Meet Sealite Representatives at EnergyOcean 2010, Florida, USA

21st May 2010

Meet Sealite Representatives at Australasian Aquaculture 2010 International Conference and Trade Show

17th May 2010

Sealite Poseidon-1750 Ocean Buoys Delivered to the Gulf of Mexico

7th May 2010

Sealite Begins Expansion of Production Facilities

30th April 2010

NEW PRODUCT RELEASE - Apollo-155 Long Range Lantern

23rd April 2010

Sealite is a Success at the IALA Conference, Cape Town, South Africa

16th April 2010

Six Sealite Poseidon Buoys have been deployed in the Caspian Sea

7th April 2010

Sealite Launches Next Generation SLC310 & SLC420 Lanterns

19th March 2010

Sealite Lights up the Wreck of the HMAS Canberra

5th March 2010

Sealite to Launch Apollo-155 at IALA Conference, Cape Town, South Africa

26th February 2010

NEW PRODUCT RELEASE - BargeSafe™ Solar, Solar LED Barge Light

5th February 2010

Using Sealite’s Windtalker™ Cyprus Kitesurfers can easily identify when conditions are perfect for surfing

15th January 2010

Sealite Nautilus-2200 Buoys installed at JSW Jaigarah Port, India

8th January 2010

Sealite Receives an Overwhelming Response to the New SLB1500 Navigation Buoy

18th December 2009

NEW PRODUCT RELEASE - SLB1500, 1.5mtr diameter Navigation Buoy

11th December 2009

Maritime Safety Queensland finds Sealite SL60 Marine Lantern Still Operating after Three Weeks Submerged Underwater!

4th December 2009

Sealite’s BargeSafe™ Series now COLREG 72 compliant

27th November 2009

Trident Ocean Buoy now with Enhanced Poly-Tower

17th November 2009

Sealite Helps Protect the Delicate Coral Gardens of the Maldives

13th November 2009

Port of Melbourne Corporation Deploy 58x SL96 Leading Lights for Swanson Dock

30th October 2009

Sealite Distributor Conference 2009; A Great Success!

23rd October 2009

Brazilian Navy Takes Delivery of 33 Poseidon-1750 Navigation Buoys

11th September 2009

Meet Sealite Representatives at INMEX India 2009, Mumbai, India

9th September 2009

Sealite Welcomes New Russian Distribution Partner, Noveltech.

14th August 2009

BargeSafe™ Ships Out to Satisfied Customers Across the Globe

24th July 2009

Sealite Launches World’s First 1nm Solar Marine Lantern with User-Adjustable Flash Settings

9th July 2009

Sealite Buoy Products & Award-Winning GSM Monitoring & Alarm System a Hit at OTC

7th July 2009

Nautilus Buoys Mark Entrance to the Bahrain Boat Show International (BBSI)

30th June 2009

Sealite Wins Prestigious International Duke’s Choice Award for “Java Technology & the Environment”

24th June 2009

Synchronised Radio-Controlled Lanterns Light Up the Murray River

5th June 2009

Aeromarine of India Wins Contract for Supply of 14x Nautilus 2.2mtr Ocean Buoys

29th May 2009

Sealite Wins Contract with Brazilian Navy

26th May 2009

Latest Sealite Product Catalogue Now Available

14th May 2009

Meet Sealite Representatives at the 2009 Offshore Technology Conference, Houston, Texas USA

28th April 2009

Sealite Appoints New Trinidad & Tobago Distribution Partner

1st April 2009

Poseidon Buoys Now Stocked in USA

16th February 2009

Mallorca Fish Farms Welcome Sealite’s Latest RF Synchronised Solar LED Lights

23rd January 2009

Port of Melbourne Launch Sealite NAUTILUS 2.2mt diameter Polyethylene Ocean Buoys

17th October 2008

New Product Release - Nautilus-2200, 2.2mt diameter Ocean Buoy

25th August 2008

US Coast Guard Approves Sealite SL125 LED Marine Lantern

13th June 2008

SEALITE’S LATEST INNOVATION: Introducing the RF Synchronised SL70 2nm Solar Marine Light

28th May 2008

Sealite SL125-4 Lights Up Dutch Island Lighthouse, Rhode Island, USA

8th April 2008

Sealite Lights Up Israel’s Largest Marina

28th March 2008

New Product Release – Aquafloat 800mm Marker Buoys

22nd February 2008

Sealite Invited to Exhibit with the Victorian Government Defence Industry Unit, Pacific 2008, Sydney

23rd January 2008

Sealite Expands Australian Production Plant

16th January 2008

Sealite Approved as “Defence Recognised Supplier”

11th December 2007

Sealite Distributors Light up Europort Maritime, Rotterdam

19th November 2007

INMEX India Exhibition a Great Success for Sealite and Authorised Distributor Aeromarine

17th October 2007

New Sealite 2007-08 Product Catalogue Out Now

12th September 2007

Port of Melbourne Authority takes delivery of Sealite Trident 3mtr Ocean Buoys

15th August 2007

SLC310 Compact Lantern Now IP68 Rated

17th July 2007

More than 150 Sealite Navaids Deployed by Kuwait Ministry of Defense

11th May 2007

Meet Sealite Representatives at Europort Eurasia, Istanbul 25th- 29th April

18th April 2007

Sealite Solar LED Area Lights Installed in one of Victoria’s Premier Boat Launching Complexes

30th March 2007

Popular Sealite SLB600 marker buoys now in stock United Kingdom

16th March 2007

Sealite Begins Production at New Manufacturing Facility

23rd February 2007

AIS-Enabled TRIDENT-3000 Buoy Launched in Westernport Bay, Victoria

9th February 2007

Sealite Emergency Wreck Marking Lanterns Shipped to Port of Fremantle, Western Australia

25th January 2007

Sealite Awarded Contract for the Upgrade of Navigation Lights– Victorian Regional Channels Authority

11th January 2007

Sealite Wins “Innovation Award” at Maritime Vietnam 2006

6th December 2006

Strong Demand for New SLC310 Model 3nm Lantern

24th August 2006

Sealite Inducted into the Victorian Manufacturing Hall of Fame

29th May 2006

New Product Release: Trident-3000 Ocean Buoy

11th May 2006

Sealite Lights Up the Panama Canal with SL125-GPS Lanterns

14th March 2006

Sealite Lights Up the Sunshine Skyway Bridge in Tampa, Florida

25th January 2006

Sealite SL125-2 receives United States Coast Guard Approval for Class A Structures

14th October 2005

Sealite Products Available on US Government GSA Contract

8th September 2005

Sealite Awarded Marine Manufacturer of the Year - 2005

2nd August 2005

New Product Release: SLC500 and SLC600

30th June 2005

New Product Release: SL125-4 Tier 7nm Lantern

17th June 2005

Canada - SL125 Bridge Tender

1st June 2005

SL07 LED Light Fixtures Now Available

9th February 2005

New Product Release - SLB700 Marker Buoy

13th July 2004

Sealite Awarded Marine Manufacturer of the Year

3rd July 2004

Restoration of Rhode Island Lighthouse Complete with Sealite SL125

15th January 2004

Sealite Revolutionary LED Reflector issued U.S. Patent

27th December 2003

United States Coast Guard Approves the use of LED Lanterns for Private Aids to Navigation

14th December 2003

Sealite Expands Manufacturing Plant

12th September 2003

Sealite receives Government Praise

13th June 2003

SL70 Awarded Australian DesignMark

6th June 2003

POSEIDON 1750 Buoy Launched

12th May 2003